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Sagebrush Exclusive Handcrafted Hat Pins- Brass

Sagebrush Exclusive Handcrafted Hat Pins- Brass

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The perfect way to accessorize any hat!

These Hat Pins are hand crafted & made from various materials/stone beads. 

Certain stones are known for healing/spiritual properties & are individually labeled with the stone & its specific properties, where applicable.

Part of our Sagebrush Exclusive Custom Hat Collection.

About the Artisan:  Introducing Sagebrush Private Label! – Sagebrush Designs (


Stone Properties:

Angel Aura Quartz- Immune system support, healing

Orca Agate- Confidence, healing

Serpentine- Healing, wisdom

Sodalite Blue Lapis- Healing

Blue Howlite- Healing

Bronzite- Helps confusion

Rhodochrosite- Happiness

Jasper- Positive energy, healing

Hematite/Alaska Black Diamond- Calming

Blue Moon Turquoise- Peace, healing, positive energy, balance

Red Jasper- Creativity, healing

Green Quartzite- Happiness

Blue Lapis- Healing

Dragon Vein Agate- Self-esteem

Snowflake Obsidian- Harmony

Blue Chalcedony- Balance

Chrysocolla- Soothing energy, positive energy

Agate- Confidence

Snakeskin Agate- Positivity

Black Agate- Calming



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