Introducing Sagebrush Private Label!

It's finally here!  You've been asking, and we're excited to share our exclusive Sagebrush Private Label with you.  What better way to launch our first product, than to hear the story from the words of our very own artisan?!  Here, read about the inspiration behind our exclusive Beaded Earrings.


From the time I was young, I have always admired the culture of our Native American people.  They have a unique & beautiful way of creating amazing art.  Having grown up on the Flathead Indian Reservation in the small town of Arlee, MT, the influence was around me daily.

Being a craft enthusiast, I was determined to learn how to do the beadwork I consistently saw.  Along came a woman named Pearl Christopher.  Pearl created art from tiny seed beads, & she was self-taught.  She became one of the best around the valley and would sit for hours, sometimes until early morning, and bead.  She never used a specific pattern, nor do I.  From earrings, belt buckles, & hair ties to name a few, Pearl created art in many forms.

As an early teenager, I found myself at her home babysitting her two little girls, often just to keep them busy while Pearl was doing her beadwork.  I would often look at her tray of beads, thread, and needles, and over time became more intrigued by it and determined to learn.  One day I asked if she would teach me, and she agreed.  I was hooked the first day!  Every chance I could get I was at her house learning.  Many tears & frustrations over spilled beads, knotted thread, & designs that didn’t look quite right eventually led to hours of fine-tuning my work.  But as the years went by and I grew up and had a family of my own, my craft fell to the back burner.

Then one day I heard the news that my dear friend Pearl had passed.  I was inspired to once again dig out my beads, pick up my needle, and the art all came flooding back & the passion for the craft was reignited.

I don’t consider my work to be comparable to those of people past, but I do hope that it can pay a tribute of sorts to the culture and beauty of an incredible art & people.

To Pearl, this is for you.  I miss you, my friend.


**Our artisan Kathie has been creating jewelry & other items with seed beads for over 50 years.  She is a wife, mom, grandma, daughter, sister, aunt, & friend who enjoys not only crafting, but spending time outdoors, & creating amazing feasts on a regular basis for friends & family.   She resides near the beautiful Crazy Mountains outside Livingston, MT.**

**Disclaimer:  All jewelry is individually handcrafted using carefully selected products.  Only the highest quality items available are used & all pieces are guaranteed against product defect.  Due to the delicate nature of the products, however, we do not guarantee anything outside of defect.  We do not recommend wear during use of strenuous activity or exercise, or anywhere you may be exposed to harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme heat, wind, or cold.  All items are final sale & non-refundable.  Custom orders are available by request & will require full payment upfront, allow 2-3 weeks for completion & delivery.

Sold exclusively through Sagebrush Designs**

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Thank you for keeping Aunt Pearl’s craft alive. You have beautiful pieces.


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